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Lab to Land is built to deliver climate resilience and carbon removal for wildlands by understanding and unlocking the power of environmental biotechnologies. 


We do this by:


  • Convening - Our problem definition and coalition building tool, delivering precise, prioritized pathways to applied climate impact - ethically and effectively.


  • Research - Our curated fellowships support both hard and social scientists to deliver demonstrable scientific advancements and clear ethical, governance, regulatory and public impact guardrails - conducted in partnership with universities and laboratories.  


  • Tech Transfer - We are the connective tissue for viable approaches to move from concept to trial. We support field trials, environmental testing, and help to accelerate solutions through accelerator partnerships and industry collaboratives where appropriate.


From our convening work, we prioritize research agendas that can then become viable technologies. This sequencing through our three core program pillars ensures we are deploying potential biotech solutions for climate resilience ethically, efficiently and effectively.

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We have accelerated the pace and scale of climate change so rapidly that nature can't keep up.

Biodiversity loss is increasing exponentially and biological carbon sequestration is at risk. Traditional tools to mitigate climate impacts on biodiversity loss are effective but insufficient. 

Wildfire and drought, extreme flooding, water contamination, invasive plants and pests - these are just a few of the pressures our wildlands face.


To address climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution, we need bold solutions that can work quickly and at scale.


Environmental biotechnologies hold the potential to speed adaptation, enable resilience, and enhance carbon removal and retention. 


We're here to ensure that happens - responsibly, ethically, effectively.

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We are award-winning scientists, indigenous reseachers, serial entrepreneurs, climate finance experts, and conservationists.

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